Who Is Lionel Messi's Wife? All About Antonela Roccuzzo (2024)

Long distance couldn't stop Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo from falling in love.

The professional soccer star and Roccuzzo met as children and although Messi eventually moved away from Argentina to train in his sport, the two reconnected over a tragedy and eventually fell in love.

The couple welcomed two sons before tying the knot in 2017. The following year, Roccuzzo gave birth to their third son.

"My wife, Antonela, has lots of great qualities," Messi once told FC Barcelona. "I really admire how she deals with the day to day, she is always in a good mood and she approaches problems admirably. She is highly intelligent and well rounded in all aspects of life."

Roccuzzo is also extremely supportive of Messi's career. The model regularly cheers on her husband during his soccer matches, including on Dec. 13, 2022, when she celebrated Messi and the Argentina national football team making the World Cup final with an Instagram post. Just a few days later, Roccuzzo and her three sons were also in the stands to watch Messi win the 2022 World Cup.

Here is everything to know about Lionel Messi's wife, Antonela Roccuzzo.

She met Messi as a child

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The pair met in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina, as children. When Messi was a teenager, he moved to Spain to pursue a soccer career.

The couple returned to Rosario to celebrate the holidays at home in December 2023, and after the new year, Roccuzzo shared photos on Instagram from her visit to a local school.

"On vacation in Rosario, we visited@montessoricocoonand enjoyed the new games from@crucijuegos🤍," she captioned her post.

She and Lionel reconnected after a tragedy

In 2005, Roccuzzo's best friend, Ursula Notz, died in a car accident. After Messi discovered the news, he flew back to Argentina from Spain to comfort his future bride, according to Argentina's Para Ti.

In 2019, Roccuzzo paid tribute to her late friend in a series of Instagram Stories to raise awareness about traffic accidents in Rosario.

"Absences are felt in everyday life, on birthdays, on anniversaries, at parties. Absences are disturbing," she wrote in Spanish. "When we understand that we will no longer listen to that voice that accompanied us, absences transform, being able to turn pain into action, but knowing that we will never be the same as before. Absences guide us. Absences hurt, but they also relaunch us."

She attended university in Argentina

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According to Vanity Fair España, Roccuzzo went to university in Argentina. She obtained a bachelor's degree in humanities and social sciences from the National University of Rosario and began postgraduate studies in dentistry. However, she reportedly decided to drop out to move closer to Messi.

She and Messi wed in 2017

The footballer and model's nuptials were dubbed the "wedding of the century." Messi's teammates were in attendance, along with Shakira and her then-partner Gerard Piqué. The wedding was held on June 30, 2017, at a casino in the couple's hometown.

She is a businesswoman and model

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In November 2016, Roccuzzo announced that she signed a modeling contract with designer Ricky Sarkany. In 2017, Roccuzzo and her friend Sofia Balbi, the wife of soccer player Luis Suárez, opened Barcelona's boutique for the Argentinean footwear brand Sarkany, according to Marca.

She has also worked with several fitness brands and companies including Adidas and Stella McCartney.

She has a massive Instagram following

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Although she does not have Twitter or Facebook accounts, Roccuzzo has over 35 million followers on Instagram. She regularly posts photos of her family as well as promotes her modeling career.

She shares three kids with Messi

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In 2012, the couple welcomed their first son, Thiago. Their second son, Mateo, was born in 2015, and their third son, Ciro, was born in 2018.

"You grow and you learn," Messi told FC Barcelona about being a father. "You gather experience in all aspects of life, on and off the field. But, as a human being, having three children changed my perspective on life, my way of thinking and it also helped me grow."

He added, "Even though there are few moments of respite at home with three kids, we try to enjoy every second with them, whether it is watching the TV, playing or whatever. We like to stay at home and enjoy these moments."

She watched Messi win the 2022 FIFA World Cup

In December 2022, Argentina beat France in the World Cup final. Roccuzzo, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro — who were dressed in matching #10 jerseys — joined Messi on the field for celebratory hugs and photos following his victory.

"I don't even know how to start," Roccuzzo wrote on Instagram. "What a great pride we feel for you @leomessi Thank you for teaching us to never give up, that we have to fight it until the end IT WAS FINALLY DONE YOU ARE A WORLD CHAMPION, we know what you suffered for so many years, what you wanted to achieve this!!!"

She supported Messi at the 2023 Laureus World Sports Awards

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In May 2023, Roccuzzo accompanied Messi to the 2023 Laureus World Sports Awardsin Paris. That evening, the soccer star won the Laureus World Sportsman and the Laureus World Team of the Year awards.

"Congratulations!!@leomessi You deserve this and so much more," Roccuzzo wrote on Instagram.

She and Messi moved their family to Miami in July 2023

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In the summer of 2023, Roccuzzo and Messi made a major change when they picked up their family and moved to Miami after the soccer pro joined the city's teamin the U.S.-based Major League Soccer league.

The family of five appeared to be settling into the area nicely, as Messi posted a series of photos of him and Roccuzzo relaxing with their kids as they sat poolside.

A few days later, Roccuzzo celebrated alongside her husband as David Beckham — the co-owner of Messi's new MLS team— introduced the soccer star to a sold-out crowd. Messi posted a series of snaps from the evening on Instagram, which Roccuzzo proudly reshared on her Instagram Story.

Victoria Beckham also welcomed the Roccuzzo and Messi to the city in her own Instagram caption from the night. "Welcome @leomessi @antonelaroccuzzo to Miami!!So many kisses!!" she wrote.

Soon after moving, Roccuzzo and Messi were seen enjoying a night out in Miami with DavidandVictoria. The four were photographed arriving at local hotspotGekkō.

Victoria later shared photos from the evening, including the caption, "La familia!! Besos..."

Who Is Lionel Messi's Wife? All About Antonela Roccuzzo (2024)


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