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that crash, not a major issue. 101 near ellis. so that's at least better news in the last few minutes. thanks, mike. well, today's show is moments away, but we are continuing today in the bay on roku, pluto and other streaming platforms live at eight. the reason walgreens says it is going to close more stores across the country, plus, we are still waiting for more key rulings from the supreme court. all right, well, thanks for making us a part of your morning here on today in the bay. a lot to talk about on our 8:00 streaming service. so make sure you join us there. but until then, get out and enjoy the day. yes. nice day. it's going to be a good. all right. keep it right here today. show is coming up next. (musica) happy thursday!

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the stage is set for the first presidential debate of 2024. >> both candidates ready for tonight's showdown in atlanta. it's june the 27th, this is "today." kickoff! the 2024 presidential campaign officially gets underway, as joe biden and donald trump face off on the issues dominating the race, the economy, immigration, and the supreme court. but the public hoping to avoid scenes like this from four years ago. >> you agreed with bernie sanders on a plan -- >> folks -- >> folks, do you have any idea what this clown is doing? >> tens of millions expected to tune into the first-ever debate between a sitting president and a former president. what to look for from both candidates with just five months until election day. we're there live! supreme mix-up. a document accidentally uploaded by the supreme court potentially revealed its ruling on a high-stakes abortion case. what the court says happened,

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how the decision could impact abortion rights, and what it could mean for the presidential race. severe storms. we're tracking the severe weather being felt from coast-to-coast. >> we could only grab what we could carry out, so it wasn't much. >> thunderstorms grounding flights, catastrophic floods overflowing across the midwest, and unrelenting heat still impacting millions. we'll have the latest, plus your full forecast. under fire. breaking overnight, new trouble for boeing. the government sanctioning the embattled aerospace giant for revealing internal details around its safety program, as nbc news gets an inside look at what the company is doing after those troubling incidents. >> why has it taken you so long to develop a top-to-bottom approach to safety and quality management that one would think that this company should have already had in place decades

7:03 am

ago. >> we've got a live report. those stories plus, at fault? this morning, new details on the investigation into matthew perry's death. law enforcement now saying several people could face federal charges. we'll have the very latest. one of a kind! yellowstone national park celebrating the birth of a rare white buffalo. >> i never thought this would happen in our generation. >> an exciting look at the hope it's bringing to thousands of tourists and locals. and slam dunk -- >> with the first pick in the 2024 nba draft, the atlanta hawks select zachaririesacher. >> two players from france snagging the top spots in the nba draft, as pro basketball's french revolution rolls on. today, thursday, june 27th, 2024. >> announcer: from nbc news,

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this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, guys. good to see you, welcome in. it's a thursday morning. we're very happy that you're with us. >> busy one today. i'm writing down my last-minute notes. got right to tonight's presidential debate between president biden and former president trump. >> tonight's face-off is their first in four years and marks the first time that a current and former president have ever debated each other. all of this comes after a major mishap at the supreme court after a document was accidentally released revealing how it may rule on a high-stakes abortion case. >> this is the second time in two years that this has happened with a major supreme court decision. both times on abortion cases. so we have much to break down this morning. we've got it all covered. we'll start with nbc senior white house correspondent, gabe gutierrez, in position, in atlanta where the debate happens tonight. hi, gabe. >> hey, there, savannah. good morning. this is expected to be a pivotal

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moment in this race. there's a real sense of urgency here from both campaigns to seize the narrative and adding to the drama, the top contenders from mr. trump's highly anticipated vp pick are expected to be here in atlanta tonight, doug bergum, as well as jd vance and marco rubio. today in atlanta, a presidential rematch with the stage now set between president biden and former president trump, their first face-off in our years since the two rivals clashed in a pair of tense debates. >> the radical left -- >> would you shut up, man. >> ahead of the earliest general election debate on record, president biden at camp david, out of the public eye for nearly a week, huddling with advisers and holding mock debates. president trump at his mar-a-lago estate, doing more informal prep. in the debate, president trump is expected to focus on the economy and the border while president biden will likely zero in on abortion rights, threats

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to the democracy, some allies pointing to his state of the union address as an example to repeat. >> you can't love your country only when you win! >> reporter: it comes as president biden is facing increasing attacks on the issue from mr. trump, who recently accused the president, without evidence, of planning to use performance-enhancing drugs before the debate. >> he's sleeping now. because they want to get him good and strong, so a little before debate time, he gets a shot in the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the biden campaign says the former president is desperate and resorting to obviously false lies. to minimize interruptions, the 90-minute debate will feature muted mics when the other candidate is talking. cnn offering a preview of how it will work. >> my volume remains constant while phil's interruption can be difficult to understand. >> there will be no live studio audience, something both campaigns agreed to, but the former president is now complaining that it's a sterile, dead room and that you have no audience to read. still unknown, according to

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multiple sources in both campaigns whether the bitter political rivals will shake hands before or after the debate, a tradition they skipped in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. four years earlier, mr. trump and his rival, hillary clinton, also declined a handshake. for both candidates, tonight is a crucial test to appeal to skeptical voters who dislike both options. so where does this race stand going into the debate? a new poll shows mr. trump slightly leading president biden among both registered and likely voters, but it's within the poll's margin of error. underscoring other recent polls, signaling a very competitive race, hoda. >> all right, gabe gutierrez for us there in atlanta. gabe, thank you. >> now for what to watch in tonight's debate, let's bring in kristen well tur, moderator of "meet the press." they've blown off the commission on presidential debates, which is how debates have always been done. why so early? this is something that both campaigns agreed on? >> it was.

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and part of why the biden campaign wanted this is because they want to shake up the race, they want to change some of those numbers that you just saw gabe talking about. but it comes with risks and peril. look, donald trump has been saying for a full year, i want to debate joe biden, i'll debate him every week. guess what he's doing now, he's trying to lower expectations, saying, hey, this guy does know how to debate. both of them, i think, will be judged on their performance as much as the policy they discuss. remember, that first debate back in 2020, when donald trump delivered that bombastic performance, interrupting joe biden more than 147 times, he delivered a much more measured performance in the second debate and he's being advised to do the same. for joe biden, the pressure is on him, savannah, to show that he can be strong, that he can serve another four years in office, because polls show that is voters' biggest concern about him. >> it seems like the biden team is really crossing its fingers that trump version number 1 that

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came in so hot and over torqued in the first debate will be there tonight. trump advisers are saying, play it cool for 90 minutes. the biden team feels like a lot of americans have forgotten about the four years of the trump presidency. >> it's such a great point. here's the question, what i'll be looking for, savannah. does president biden find ways to bait president trump, to become that more bombastic version of himself, by, for example, really leaning in on things like january 6th, the criminal convictions that he is facing, among other issues that get under his skin. one thing that's notable about the debate tonight, the mics will be muted when the other candidate is speaking. when i moderated the debate back in 2020, the mics were muted after those two-minute opening statements, but then open during the general discussion. tonight's going to be different. they're going to be muted throughout the entire discussion. so how does that exact the debate? but i think that final debate in 2020 could give us a little road map of what we might -- >> we talked about the trump -- the biden's team hopes and dreams. the trump's teams hopes and

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dreams is that biden, 81 years old, has some kind of senior moment or gaffe that gives people pause. >> absolutely. 28% of polls think that they don't think that biden is tough, is strong, is capable of serving another four years, compare that to 60% for donald trump. expect trump to lean into that with issues from the economy to abortion are going to be at the forefront forefront tonight, savannah. >> we will be watching! kristen welker, back from maternity leave, welcome back! >> thank you. >> and of course, nbc news will bring you special coverage and analysis of the first presidential debate. it will be tonight right here on nbc! meantime, as kristen mentioned, one hot-button issue set to be a major topic tonight is abortion rights. this comes after the supreme court mistakenly posted a document relating to the idaho abortion case for a brief moment yesterday. what happened? >> good morning. it was a decision day like no other, as the justices took the

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bench, hundreds of reporters across the country sat at their computers, frantically hitting the refresh button for opinions to post online, but someone made a discovery. a document in one of the blockbuster cases this turn. only problem was, it wasn't supposed to be there. >> reporter: this morning, a supreme mistake rocking the must supreme court. a major decision on abortion prematurely released on the court's website, suggesting the high court is likely on the verge of allowing emergency abortions in idaho. the document obtained by bloomberg law online as other opinions were being released thursday quickly taken down, but bloomberg later republished it in full, showing an unsigned opinion from the court, punting on the merits of the case for now, sending it back to the lower court, while the lawsuit continues to play out. the court's spokesperson explaining the court's publications unit inadvertently and briefly uploaded a document to the court's website, but the media's rare advanced access in this case harkening back to an

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unprecedented leak in another abortion case just two years ago in dobbs, when politico published the draft decision overturning roe v. wade. the current battle over idaho's law, which criminalizes nearly all abortions, except to save a mother's life. the biden administration sued the state, arguing that the abortion ban conflicts with federal law, which requires hospitals receive federal funding provide abortions to women facing health emergencies, a conflict doctors say puts them in a dangerous bind. >> it's a really heavy burden to carry, to have the five years of potential incarceration to take care of your patients. >> reporter: the document posted online showing deep divisions on the high court remain on abortion, some accusing their colleagues of ducking the real dispute. justice jackson saying, quote, today's decision is not a alito

7:13 am

court's decision baffling, saying the court has simply lost the will to decide easily and emotionally and highly politicized question this case presents. >> so the court hands down a decision today, and we'll see if this is among them. this happened before. there's victory for pregnant patients in idaho, while this court dawdles and the country waits, pregnant women remain in a precarious position. while justice alito calls the decision baffling. saying, the court has lost the will to decide the easy, but highly politicized question that this case presents. >> so the court hands down decisions today, and we'll see if this is among them. this has happened before, there's a precedent, unfortunately of a major case on abortion coming out before it was planned to come out. this was a leak. this seems to be some kind of clerical snafu. >> the last one was clearly different, an intentional leak, and it was months before the decision could come out. this is in the last days of the term. it could come out any day. and if it's in the publication unit, it's for formatting issues. >> it's like the last stop. >> we don't know if this is the final version or a draft, nbc hasn't verified that, but if it's there, it's in the final stages. and it's extraordinarily embarrassing to now have this

7:14 am

happen twice. >> embarrassing, and you saw the backbiting among the justices, interestingly, some saying, you guys have -- the majority here is kicking the can down the road. you're just stalling. >> both the most conservative and the most progressive on the court, jackson and alito, saying, you're ducking this issue because you don't want to discuss the merits. let's move to some breaking news, tied to boeing's push to change its culture and double down on safety. this comes after a string of incidents for the company including that max 9 door plug blowout. nbc's tom costello just spent a day seeing that assembly line firsthand. tom, you ask some tough questions. good morning. >> good morning. we have breaking news. boeing held a highly choreographed media tour and briefing in seattle, explaining what it's doing to regain the confidence of the faa, the

7:15 am

airlines, the traveling public. but this morning, the ntsb says that boeing divulged non-public information and analysis about how that non-secured door plug ever made its way on to a passenger plane. >> reporter: this morning, boeing's problems stemming from that max 9 door plug blowout has grown more serious. in a rare move, the ntsb is sanctioning boeing after its executives provided reporters with an update on how the fuselage for that alaska airlines plane made its way through the assembly line with the door plug not properly bolted in. >> we believe that plug was opened without the correct paperwork. >> reporter: the ntsb does not allow parties to an investigation to go public with information until that investigation is complete. boeing remains under ntsb, faa, and fbi investigation. the focus very much the 737 max assembly line near seattle, where boeing's reputation is on the line. the two max planes that crashed more than five years ago came off this line.

7:16 am

so did the max 9 that suffered that door plug blowout in january. ever since, faa inspectors have been on the floor. america's aviation giant has admitted to a breakdown to quality and safety control. now an all-out blitz to turn things around, starting here. tracking every job, every tool, every procedure. >> why has it taken you so long to develop a top-to-bottom approach to quality and safety management, that one would think this company should have already had in place decades ago. >> we have a strong foundation of caring deeply about safety. what i also know is, though, is we have to continually improve. and this is a chance for us to do it. >> reporter: but boeing is trying to reassure both airlines and the flying public that it's changing for the better. >> it generally takes ten days to move a max through the assembly line, but if they identify a problem, they could stop the line. right now, one of three assembly lines has a gap in it, right there. that's because they identified a

7:17 am

problem with the plane, they decided to stop it, and check it. >> reporter: that's a big change, drilling down on engineering basics, rather than increasing the production rate. >> you want to start slow and finish with a nice top. >> rate is not my priority right now. implementing safety and quality changes and listening to every member of this team is my priority. >> i am extremely confident that the actions that we took have ensured that every airplane leaving this factory is safe. >> all right, back now to that ntsb sanction this morning. the ntsb sanctioning boeing. it says boeing will no longer have access to information that investigators develop and will not be allowed to ask questions about their parties to this investigation, because the ntsb says boeing violated the rules. nbc reached out to boeing for comment this morning, this breaking in the early morning hours. we have not yet heard back. hoda? >> tom costello, i know you'll be on this story for a while.

7:18 am

thank you, tom. another major story this morning, more extreme weather hitting the country coast-to-coast. floodwaters are still devastating communities with more rain expected this week. we've got al's full forecast in just a moment, but first, nbc's jesse kirsch joins us from north sioux city, south dakota. jesse, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're getting a new closer look at some of the devastation in this community. take a look behind me of what remains of this section of a neighborhood. you can see that these roofs, these buildings have collapsed and even the ground underneath them have caved in on the edge of this lake. and this pickup truck is teetering on the edge of what remains of a driveway. you can hear the recovery continuing in the background as more communities brace for the potential of more flooding. >> reporter: overnight, intense storms sweeping through the northeast. in new jersey, wind gusts up to

7:19 am

60 miles per hour downing trees and power lines. the storm also bringing in pea-sized hail. thunderstorms causing a ground stop for hours at airports around new york and washington, d.c. this picture capturing a lightning bolt hitting the empire state building. meanwhile, the midwest is still reeling from catastrophic flooding that killed at least two people earlier this week and caused widespread damage. in north sioux city, south dakota, one resident sharing this frightening video, saying she did not get any evacuation warning before water started pouring into her home. on wednesday, another resident, pam cale, says she returned to her home of 34 years to find it filled with mud. some of her priceless family heirlooms lost. >> i saw my life is gone, in my home. we could only grab what we could carry out, so it wasn't much. >> reporter: nearly 200 miles east in mankato, floodwaters are still raging past the dam which

7:20 am

is still standing as the ground around it gives way. raging floodwaters causing parts of that community to crumble. >> it's important for people to pay attention, pay attention to local government and the messages that they are sending out, as well. >> reporter: all of this comes as more than 20 million people face a summer heat wave that won't let up. at last check, there were still around 300,000 power outages across multiple states, as, again, many americans are waking up to yet another day of tough weather. savannah? >> all right, jesse, thank you very much. >> al's at his post with more on that severe weather and where it's headed. >> good morning. there's a cold front that caused all the problems along the eastern seaboard. that's finally clearing out, but we are looking behind that, where we look through the plains, 6 million people at risk for really strong wind gusts, hurricane-force wind gusts, possibilities of tornadoes from williston to north platt.

7:21 am

that moves east tomorrow for 10 million people from minneapolis, down to kansas city and des moines. tornadoes possible, again, really strong wind gusts. the severe risk of the rockies, parts of the plains today with torrential rain that could lead to flash flooding. tomorrow, that heads into tupper midwest, additional rain may lead to river flooding, you can see from minneapolis all the way down to kansas city, we have moderate-to-major flooding. and in fact, we've got a flood risk, especially from omaha to kansas city, because of these heavy rounds of numerous rain. we're talking about anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of rain possible in and around kansas city, but even if you get 1 to 2 inches up in these areas, up into the upper plains, that's still enough to really cause some more flooding problems. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. ♪ grow jobs, grow skills ♪ ♪ make the whole world go. ♪ ♪ make the green grass grow all around all around. ♪ ♪ make the green grass grow all around. ♪ at jpmorganchase,

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the investments we make help make businesses happen, that make jobs happen, that make communities happen. together, we make momentum happen. and that's your latest weather, guys. >> al, thank you. coming up, new details this morning on possible charges related to the death of beloved "friends" actor matthew perry. kaylee hartung following the investigation for us. hi, kaylee.

7:23 am

>> hey, good morning, guys. it's been nearly eight months since matthew perry was found unresponsive in his hot tub in l.a. with enough ketamine in his system to put someone under general anesthesia. we have an update ahead as investigators work together to determine who gave him the powerful drug. >> kaylee, thanks. also, a

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coming up, an

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this is an nbc news special report. here's savannah guthrie. hi, there. good morning. we come on the air with breaking news from the supreme court this morning. a major decision having to do with abortion and reproductive rights, specifically the right to an abortion when it is medically necessary for the health of the mother. the court has just decided to hold the issue and not decide the case. that was before it. this pitted idaho state law, one of the strictest abortion bans in the country, against federal law, and what to do when a woman comes in and her health is at risk and she may need an emergency abortion. i've got laura jarrett here, our legal correspondent kristen welker, as well. first of all, we should just say that there a copy of this this opinion was inadvertently posted on the court's website yesterday at a very cursory glance. this appears to be the same decision

7:28 am

that was released accidentally yesterday. wilk line by line it. but let's get to then. assuming that is the case and what we've read of it so far, this is a decision that the supreme court has essentially decided not to make yet. explain. they're kicking the can down the road about whether there is a real conflict between federal law that requires hospitals that receive federal funding, which is most of them at this point, to perform abortions when it is medically necessary to save a woman's health, not her life, but her health. say she comes in with an infection, something like that. but she's not on the verge of death. but she's in really dire straits. and federal law says you have to provide an emergency abortion. if a doctor thinks it's necessary in that situation, idaho says no, it's only if it's to save the life of thabortion. idaho says, no, it's only to save the life of the mother. that's the conflict, the daylight between federal and state law is what the whole case is about. >> we're talking about idaho, but there are six states that

7:29 am

have this same very, very strict abortion ban. you can only have an abortion to save the life of the mother, not the health of the mother. it's interesting that the court has said we dismissed this case. they said they shouldn't have taken the case, but they did take it and now they're saying it's a mistake. >> the issue is going to come up again. it's not just idaho. there's women in all these other states, including texas, which has the same issue between the court. that's why we see conservatives and liberals accusing each other of saying you're dodging something here. this is a dodge, a punt. this is justice alito and jackson, polar opposites, saying you have to take this on because of the conflict. it's leaving everybody in limbo. women in idaho today can get an emergency abortion, but women in texas can't and women in other

7:30 am

states can't. this is capable of repetition. you should have solved it now, reconciled the conflict. instead the lower court decision in idaho is going to stand. >> the dissenters are saying you kicked the can down the road. kristen welker, the justices aren't supposed to think about this, but there's an election upon us and the issue of abortion rights and the fallout from the dobbs decision that overturned roe v. wade reverberates through the election. >> it's one of the biggest x factors in the election. we'll see that on display tonight when the candidates face off in the first debate. former president trump says, yes, he's proudly responsible for having roe v. wade overturned. he's said politically speaking it's a very difficult issue for

7:31 am

republicans. he said this should be a matter that gets decided by the states. >> that's so interesting. he says let's let the states decide. we're seeing the state law and federal law on a collision course. >> exactly. that's the point you're going to hear, i would expect, and i've been working my phones, you'll hear president biden try to make tonight. not only is this a murky, complicated, dangerous picture for women in these states that have these strict abortion restrictions, but it's also, he will likely argue, you will see president trump try to impose a federal ban, despite the fact that trump said it's not something he's going to do. 60% of americans said they're opposed to roe v. wade having been overturned. we've seen this as an energizing issue in kansas, kentucky, ohio. it's on the ballot in nine states right now. >> does postponement, kicking the can down the road, is that

7:32 am

something that's to benefit to the trump campaign? >> it does, and here's why. ultimately speaking this would have been given president biden more grist to make the argument if they sided with idaho, look how dangerous this is for the women in idaho. i don't think he'll let it go. i think he'll make that argument. this is a murky picture and it's quite complicated. if the court decided with idaho, the administration would have talked about some executive actions to try to capitalize on that. it's going to be a big topic tonight. >> we should point out the law at issue here, the federal law, doesn't say anything about abortion. it says you have to provide emergency care. the biden administration's interpretation of that law is what started the whole thing. once they decided to have that interpretation, it was because of dobbs. alito says they were scrambling

7:33 am

to figure out what to do after the dobbs decision. they said we found this federal law that says you have to provide emergency care. the conservatives are reading into the federal law that it's about abortion. >> in real life it's happened where idaho bans the abortion except for to save the life of the mother, and you have had patients in idaho who had to be air lifted out. >> yeah and doctors say they need clarity on this. they are facing criminal prosecution if they violate this law. it's not just the loss of the medical license, it's a loss of their liberty if they violate their state ban. they're facing lawsuits from the federal sides if they violate the patient's right. they're between a rock and a hard place. >> that's why judge alito and judge jackson are saying the decision's not going to get any

7:34 am

easier. you don't need more information or legal briefs, you can decide it now. >> they're saying why did you take it in the first place? they didn't have to. it went through an odd route to get here. >> they fast tracked it and said it was too fast. >> a lower court blocked idaho's law on the same grounds. that's why alito and jackson are saying, why did you take it? >> we're waiting on whether or not former president trump is immune from criminal prosecution and to what extent that immunity might extend? >> we'll get that decision tomorrow or monday. >> and trump is trying to capitalize on all this. >> there's a debate tonight. nbc will have special coverage on that debate at time. more on our streaming channel.n go now? >> yeah, well, a law enforcement source tells us that there will

7:35 am

be no immediate action taken in the case. so we've spoken to two sources close to perry who say they were interviewedly law enforcement as part of the investigation and were asked specifically if they knew about any drug dealers or ketamine clinics that perry used. guys? >> kaylee hartung, thank you so much, we appreciate it. coming up, we are down to the final two movies in our summer blockbuster bracket. so which two made the cut? the details up next in pop start. >> and the celebration of a lifetime for indigenous tribes honoring the birth of a rare white american buffalo. white american buffalo. we're at yello wsintroducing, ned's plaque psoriasis. he thinks his flaky red patches are all people see. otezla is the #1 prescribed pill to treat plaque psoriasis. otezla can help you get clearer skin. don't use otezla if you're allergic to it. serious allergic reactions can happen. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. some people taking otezla had depression, suicidal thoughts, or weight loss. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur.

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live in the moment. ask your doctor about otezla.

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america's #1 detergent. we are back at 7:39 with in-depth today and a unique story putting a spotlight on yellowstone national park after the birth of a rare white buffalo earlier this month. our steve patterson was there and joins us with the exciting details. steve, good morning. >> hey, sheinelle, guys, good morning. this is truly once in a lifetime stuff. there has never been a record of a white calf being born inside yellowstone national park. it's a big deal for nature, but for several tribes across the country, it's a miracle. this morning, a once in a generation celebration for a miracle from mother nature. >> we are here because this is a very momentous time in our history. >> reporter: a rare white

7:41 am

american buffalo, born in the beautiful expanse of yellowstone national park, a sacred symbol to the proud men and women of the great sioux nation, fulfilling an ancient prophesy. >> did you think this would happen in your lifetime? >> no, i never thought this would happen in our generation. >> reporter: indigenous groups from across the country coming together to celebrate in song and ceremony, before the big reveal, a name. >> wakan gli. >> the return of an ancient spirit promising strength and abundance, but also a warning. >> this is the first video of a white bison calf ever being spotted in yellowstone. >> jordan creature was leading visitors when he stumbled upon

7:42 am

the newborn. sure enough, a white baby bison. >> yeah, that is a white bison. >> what's running through you when you hear that? >> it seemed unreal that i seemed so lucky to be maybe one of a dozen people who got photographs of this thing and i don't think it's been seen since. >> but for chief looking horse, it's been a lifelong journey. >> every time i think about it. >> reporter: a spiritual rebirth in white, almost like a blank slate. the blesing of a new beginning. >> what's the lesson that we should take away from this? >> mother earth is sick and has a fever and at this time, this is a spiritual awakening. >> so, what happens to the calf now? >> yeah, sheinelle, that may be the unsatisfying answer is that we have absolutely no idea. the great thing about this park is that it's truly wild. the native tribes don't track the animals, we may not see that

7:43 am

buffalo again for years. we may never see it again, but the point is, is that it was born in the first place and all the blessings that brings and all the lessons that brings. >> thank you, steve. >> thanks, steve. >> well, it will be easy to spot. >> people will be looking for it. >> al? >> that is so cool. all right, thanks so much, guys. speaking of cool, we're going to see slightly cooler weather across much of the country. right now, only 21 million people under heat advisories and heat watches. that's good news. jet stream dips to the south here in the east, on into the gulf coast, i should say the great lakes. we're looking at temperatures moreau averages, grand rapids, buffalo, on into the southwest. that will continue tomorrow when the heat starts to build a bit. nashville, you'll be above average at 92. macon, georgia, you'll be at 92. roswell, new mexico, 103 degrees, and it stays hot as we move into the weekend, into early next week, kansas city, memphis, raleigh, new york city

7:44 am

as well. and we're watching the tropics right now. we have this one disturbance that's developing, this tropical storm liable will form this weekend. it would be beryl in the wind ward islands. conditions are unusually favorable this time of year for development in late june. in fact, since 1960, only two named storms have formed east of the 54 longitude. so we're going to be watching this very closely. why, part of the problem, it's warmer now, these -- it's warmer now than they would be in august. so that is fuel for the fire and we'll be watching itt all weeked

7:45 am

>> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you! coming up in pop start, details on a new harry potter reboot, and what it has to do with the hit show "succession." and up next, i'll have your morning boost for you, coming up right after this. [dog whimpers] [thinking] why always the couch? does he need to go to puppy school? get his little puppy diploma? how much have i been spending on this little guy? when your questions about life turn into questions about money... there's erica. the virtual financial assistant to help you spend, save, and plan smarter. only from bank of america.

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7:49 am

7:50 am

with the ferris pick in the 2024 nba drafts, the atlanta hawks select zachry risacher from leon, france and france's jayier. >> for the second year in a row, a player from france selected, zaccharie risacher. >> nicely said. >> the atlanta hawks, the second player also from france, alex sarr. >> we're going to paris, so -- >> very cool! ready for a little boost? here we go, bride to be was at a rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding, so she got a cool video message from her little brother in the military with some really great news, he was on his way home from the middle east and he would make it just in time for the wedding. but that was all a ruse.

7:51 am

the real surprise was, he was already home. >> i am leaving in a couple of hours to go to kuwait and from there, i'll leave to come home in time for the wedding. >> no way! >> no! >> oh, man! that's the way to do it! that's it! >> she didn't think that he was going to make it, he was already there. here it comes. the bride posted the video, literally the best surprise of my life, my little brother got to be at my wedding and i got to marry the love of my life. >> don't you love to surprise someone like that. coming up on pop start, we got a look at a special going to be happening for toby keith. tons of tributes from major country stars. and we have tips this

7:52 am

morning, we'll save on our july 4th essentials. let's say you need barbecue supplies, how about the backyard games. what about the co*cktails and mocktails? >> could use a little help. we are ready for you. but first, a check of your local ws and weather. ne try killing bugs the worry-free way. not the other way. zevo traps use light to attract and trap flying insects with no odor and no mess. they work continuously, so you don't have to. zevo. people-friendly. bug-deadly. looking for a reason to try the new $5 meal deal at mcdonalds?

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shop the july holiday sale at sherwin-williams and transform your space with color. get 30% off paints and stains, with sale prices starting at $34.29. find your new color june 28th through july 8th. shop online or visit your neighborhood sherwin-williams store. in our newsroom today in the bay, has confirmed an oakland firefighter has died. authorities say he drowned early

7:57 am

this morning while in southern california on vacation. this is video from the scene near crystal pier, south of la jolla. we are not reporting the victim's name yet, but first responders do say he had been swimming in the ocean and that alcohol might have been involved. let's go to look at that forecast here at home. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect today. nice cold temperatures and a clear sky across much of the bay area. and it will be a pleasant summer day with our temperatures ranging from the low 60s near the coast to some 80s for the inland valleys. but it will be heating up as we go into the first week of july, and an elevated fire danger, especially in the north and east bay hills as we approach the fourth. we're looking at temperatures today in the mid 70s for fremont, upper 70s for san jose and mid 80s for morgan hill, and we'll see some upper 80s for parts of the east bay as well as santa rosa, while san francisco will see a high of 66 degrees. back to you. all right.

7:58 am

thanks, gary. and if you have access to streaming or the internet, make sure you join us for our today in the bay live streaming newscast starting in just minutes. we are awaiting more key rulings from the supreme court today. you can watch on roku, pluto, and other streaming platforms. nbc bay area, as well as our app

7:59 am

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at your local audi dealer.

8:01 am

it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, let the debate begin. president biden and former president trump set to go head-to-head tonight. new details this morning on what to expect ahead of their first face-off in four years. and caught on camera. surveillance video captures the moment a massive sinkhole swallows part of a soccer field, a light pole, and bleachers collapsing into the ground. the details on how it happened, straight ahead. and hot deals. the fourth of july is right around the corner and we have the best ways to save, whether you're hitting the beach or barbecuing in the backyard, what you need to know before you buy. all that, plus, remembering toby keith. ♪ i should have been a cowboy ♪ >> aubrey plaza gets old -- >> i'm 39 years old, that's not middle-aged. >> no, this is middle-aged. >> no, it's not. i am a very young adult.

8:02 am

>> here we go! >> one, two, three! >> reporter: the dallas cowboys cheerleaders are here live with a look at their behind the scenes docuseries. >> it's a lot of pressure every single night. >> our job is to make it look easy. >> and some moves to start off the morning right, today, thursday, june 27th, 2024. >> our friends in louisiana, we love you. >> in illinois on our first trip to new york. >> celebrating our 50th anniversary. >> hi to our two kids -- >> four grandkids. >> one great-granddaughter. >> from alabama. >> from oklahoma! >> jackson, mississippi! >> and lake charles, illinois! >> from north korea, addyi's

8:03 am

turning 10. >> love you, michael! >> celebrating my beautiful wife's retirement -- >> after 45 years of nursing. >> you know what, we just love our crowds! we can't -- they're amazing! it's thursday, we cannot wait to get out there and see you and celebrate with you guys. craig's enjoying a day off, sheinelle jones, of course, we love having sheinelle at the table. >> sheinelle, with the pom-poms out there, you're the best dancer on the "today" show. >> you say that, but it's a fact. we might need you out there. >> the crowd outside is excited. >> let's get to 8:00, guys. the stage is set for the first presidential debate of 2024. president biden, former president trump getting ready to face off in atlanta. nbc's senior white house correspondent, gabe gutierrez is here with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good rning. sources familiar with the debate prep tell us that president biden is gaming out several scenarios, including whether former president trump chooses

8:04 am

to be in attack mode or whether he takes a more measured, more disciplined approach. both campaigns hoping to reach the largest audience of the race so far. today in atlanta, a debate rematch, with the stage now set between president biden and former president trump, their first face-off in four years since the two rivals clashed in a pair of tense debates. >> the radical left -- >> would you shut up, man? >> listen! >> reporter: ahead of the earliest general election debate on record, president biden at camp david, out of the public eye for nearly a week, huddling with advisers and holding mock debates. former president trump at his mar-a-lago estate, doing more informal prep. in the debate, mr. trump's expected to focus on the economy and the border, while president biden will likely zero in on abortion rights, threats to democracy, and trying to dispel concerns among voters about his age and fitness for office. some allies pointing to his state of the union address, as an example to repeat. >> you can't love your country only when you win.

8:05 am

>> reporter: to minimize interruptions, the 90-minute debate will feature muted mics when the other candidate's talking. cnn offering a preview of how it will work. >> my volume remains constant while phil's interruption can be difficult to understand. >> reporter: there will be no live studio audience, something both campaigns agreed to, but the former president is now complaining that it's a sterile, dead room and you have no audience to read. for both candidates, tonight is a crucial test to appeal to skeptical voters, who dislike both options. >> any way you look at it, tonight's debate will be historic. the first time a current and former president have ever debated. and adding to the drama, a top contender for mr. trump's vp spot are also expected to be here tonight. >> gabe gutierrez in atlanta. and nbc will bring you full special coverage and analysis of the first presidential debate, that's tonight right here on nbc. >> we'll see you tonight. the suspect in the deadly mass shooting at a fourth of july parade two years ago stunned an illinois courtroom yesterday when he backed out of

8:06 am

a plea agreement at the last minute. police say robert crimo iii initially confessed to the highland park shooting. it killed several people and injured dozens more. yesterday, lawyers were expecting him to agree to this plea deal, which would have dismissed dozens of the charges, while he would still face life in prison. but when asked by the judge if he wished to go forward, crimo said "no." so now the case will go to trial as scheduled in february. sam altman, the ceo of open ai, says he thinks artificial intelligence tools will help shape the future. altman sat down with lester holt at the aspen ideas festival in colorado yesterday. he compared the rise of ai to the discovery of agriculture or the invention of industrial-era machines. >> people are going to go use these tools to invent the future that we all collectively live in. and what one person can already do now before chatgpt existed is an impressive leap, and by the time we get to gpt 6 or 7, what one person can do will be incredibly increased.

8:07 am

and i'm very excited for that. like, i think that is -- that is the story of the world getting better. we make technology, people use it to build new things, express their creative ideas, and society improves. >> we should mention that nbc universal news group is the media partner of the aspen ideas festival. altman says there is no end goal to the development of ai. instead, he views it as a gradual evolution. all right. now to some dramatic video. it shows a sinkhole opening up on a soccer field in illinois. take a look. you can start to see the ground giving way, an entire light pole disappears basically into the earth. thankfully, nobody was on the field at the time. officials say the sinkhole is approximately 100 feet wide, 30 feet deep. they say it was the result of an underground mine. the city is working with engineers to come out with a plan to repair that. >> my goodness! all right, just ahead, we have a sneak peek of sabrina carpenter's latest sweet collab. but coming up next with the fourth of july coming up, vicky nguyen's got some money-saving

8:08 am

strategy for the gear, the strategy for the gear, the grill, eve [cnrowd noise] i bet allison doesn't get jelly on her shirt. urgh! i bet noah lyles doesn't get smoothie on his jersey. aw, come on. i bet carl lewis doesn't get tomato sauce on his jacket. dang it. urghh! ♪♪ stains happen to the best of us. when they do, tide's got you covered. pasta in paris? when in rome! it's got to be tide. america's #1 detergent. ♪ it's hard to put it into words ♪ ♪ when i tried i felt absurd, ♪ ♪ you light the rooms of my soul ♪ ♪ and i tell myself not to lose control ♪ ♪ i'll take it slow, but it's hard to do ♪ ♪ when you're a lion like me and a lion like you ♪ ♪ you got the hands that i wanna hold ♪ ♪ you light the rooms to the house of my soul ♪

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8:12 am

essentials with july 4th just one week away. >> whether you're hosting a barbecue or heading to the peach, maybe going to hit the road next weekend, nbc's senior consumer investigative correspondent vicky nguyen is here to help us celebrate. let's say we want to barbecue and save some money. what ideas do you have? >> things are looking pretty, pretty, pretty good, hoda, when it comes to prices, earlier this summer, we were talking about how everybody has lowered prices on so many staples. that includes fourth of july samples. at aldi, you can get steak, chicken, pork, all on sale through july 10th. if you have an after-party, that's great. the other thing you can think about is making your burgers at home, wells fargo tells us, it's really cheap, really just about $2.16 per cheeseburger if you make it at home with the lettuce and the tomatoes, all the fixings. >> right, the bun. >> the national retail federation did a survey and asked americans, how many of you plan to celebrate. 87% of people are going to celebrate. they expect to send about $90 on

8:13 am

groceries. look for the cheaper cuts of meats to save money, hot dogs are always a really affordable option. there are some staples that will be more expensive. potato chips are more expensive this year. ice cream is up 3.3%. beer is going to cost you 1.2% more than this time last year, but if you're buying soda, don't do the cans. uh aluminum prices are up, so cans are more expensive, but 2-liter bottles are down 6.5%. so you can save on soda that way. >> what about outdoor furnitures, grills, a good time to buy? >> we talked to tray dodds. she said waiting until the end of the season, you'll find more sales. but there are plenty of fourth of july sales kicked off right now. home depot, we found an outdoor couch, normally $1,000, $400. it's 60% off. they have a lot of items like that. at lowe's, there is this grilled grill that everybody is talking about on tiktok. it's a flattop grill. so when you're grilling your burgers and the juices go through, the fat goes through and sparks the fire, this is a

8:14 am

flattop. it's only $229. it's $70 off. people love it, because you put your veggies, your meat, everything on there, and kind of like a restaurant-style grill. >> you put it on top. so cook outside and keep the temperature of your house cooler. walmart, the crazy coupon lady found us a portable grill for under 15. target is doing a deal, up to 50% off through july 6th for things like outdoor rugs, pillows, if you need to spruce up the backyard, target is your place. and way fair has a bunch of deals. their deals kick off tomorrow, but if you have the app, you can start to find those deals today. >> height of summer, a good thing to buy things like bathing suits, toys. >> we know amazon's prime day is happening the 16th and 17th, but we found a search and found the neck fan for $23. people are obsessed. if you go to a sports tournament, they know, you're out there sweltering while your

8:15 am

kid is kicking a ball around. >> i saw a baby stroller that had a fan on. >> splash pad, speaking of babies, a super small way to put something fun in your backyard, on your patio. this is my new favorite thing, the reusable water balloons. it's a little ball, you fall it up, a big payload, and you can do it again! >> these are great. and they're usually expensive. >> 17 bucks right now! >> and you do reuse them. and they don't burst into 7 billion small pieces that you then have to -- >> and it's bad for the environment. dollar general, if you need up with of those kiddie pools, under 10 bucks. j. crew, 50% off their air payroll and another 50% off of things like swimwear, sun dresses, stuff like that. somersault, people like this bathing suit brand, they have

8:16 am

all of these geometric patterns, 30% off of the sales that are already happening, you need that code, spf30. and rei, life vests, coolers, beach chairs. they have sales up to 40% off. >> and if you're driving somewhere, how are gas prices looking? >> good news on that front. right now gas prices are averaging $3.50 a gallon. that's down 6 cents from this time last year. you can use aaa or gas buddy to help you find the gas stations in your area with or along your route with the best prices. and the loyalty programs. if you're always filling up at a shell or an exxon, join the program, you'll get a disappoint. this is my favorite tip of the day. scrolling down will safe you so much money. for every 5 miles above 55 you're driving, it's like you're spending another 27 cents per gallon on gas. leave earlier, go slower, it's safer and you save money! >> that's so smart! i did not know that. >> 27 cents more! >> worth it to slow down, but

8:17 am

stay in the right lane. >> stay out of savannah's lane. >> vicky, you're coming back tomorrow on "today." she'll be back with a new trend in furnitureraving about this s. >> i'm obsessed with this website, i'll show you how it works, and this whole concept of dupe culture on the rise and what it will do to revolutionize the way we buy things and why they're different than counterfeits and knockoffs. >> we look forward to it. thank you! >> how about a check of the weather. >> and vick will be back in the third hour of "today" talking about how we can save on our air-conditioning and cooling costs. so stupid for that. and we're looking right now at our satellite imagery. and you can see, we've got those heavy showers and thunderstorms that have caused so many problems in the northeast, mid-atlantic, those are moving away. we have more monsoonal moisture coming up out of mexico, into the southwest. sunshine along the west coast. it's going to be cooler, though, in the pacific northwest. they're getting some clouds and showers there, but look at these triple digits from the southwest, southern california, into texas, 90s and 80s down through the gulf.

8:18 am

70s up in the great lakes and northern new england looking at temperatures in the 60s. staying hot today in texas into the mid-plains, and beautiful weather around the great lakes. we have a lot of wet weather down through the southeast, could be some airport delays down in atlanta. flood risks continue in the southwest and four corners area. look for severe storms up through the northern plains. sunshine up and down the west coast, a few showers up into seattle with a temperature of 68 degrees toda

8:19 am

don't forget, if you're rushing out the door, we're on the too. "today" show confidential, we'll have really nothing on it that you'll want to hear, but best time of the morning! >> what kind of sell is that? >> he's a little stinker. >> i'm trying to let people know. >> so great. >> a lot of pop starts, a couple of exclusives. we'll start with toby keith. the late country icon is being celebrated in an upcoming nbc special called "toby keith: an american icon." it will be filmed in nashville. tickets will go on sale tomorrow and a pors of the proceeds going to fund the toby keith foundation and vanderbilt's children's hospital in tennessee. guys, a star-studded show, lainey wilson, darrius rucker, jelly roll, carrie underwood, luke bryan just to name a few. "toby keith: american icon" airs wednesday at the 28th of august. we've got a little bit of time

8:20 am

right here on nbc. next up, kelsey ballerina and noah khan falling up from their acm award show duet debut. the two grammy nominees have recorded a song called "cowboys cry too," the pair revealing this little snippet yesterday on social media. >> "cowboys cry too". ♪ i grew up wishing i could close up the way my dad did ♪ ♪ because that man never felt a damned thing ♪ ♪ but i've burned too many miles trying to ride out all the sadness ♪ ♪ but you can't outride pain ♪ >> it was originally called "cowboys weep like little basis points," but it was a little long. very catchy. kelsea ballerini, your new coach on "the voice" this fall.

8:21 am

kelsea ballerini, snoop dog, reba, and gwen. next up, harry potter, hbo has something in their bag of tricks for the upcoming potter series. what kind of bag, you ask? well, here's a clip. >> so i've heard you've made an enormous faux pas and everyone is laughing up their sleeves about your day. >> what? why? >> why? because she's brought in a ludicrously capacious bag. >> what? >> what's even in there, anyway? flat shoes for the subway, her lunch pail, greg, it's monstrous, it's gargantuan. you could take it camping. you could slide it across the floor after a bank job. >> the brains behind hbo's hit "succession" are onboard. producer franchesca and mike my lar is going to helm max's upcoming series based on jk rolling's beloved story. trying to walk you through the

8:22 am

brainchild of "succession" being thrust into jk rowling's world. max promises the series is coming soon. next up, aubrey plaza, the "parks and rec" star heading together big screen in a new coming of age story. young eliot comes face-to-face with a future version of herself. the two eliots find a way to stay connected. the 39-year-old version handing out much-needed warnings to the younger version of herself about young and family and everything in between. no one has this, but here's a pop start exclusive -- >> did you have fun? >> yeah. >> dude, i know mom can be annoying, but be nice to her. and go hang out with your brother. and also, can you avoid anyone named chad. the only thing you can't get back is time. it goes by so fast. >> i still need you. i'm literally an idiot. >> you're not an idiot.

8:23 am

>> if we weren't the same person, do you think you would even like me? >> you're just saying that because you're young and dumb. >> but if you weren't young and dumb, you would never be brave enough to do anything. >> my old nickname for a donkey -- >> hershey. >> that's what next up, sabrina carpenter. stand by, espresso ice cream. the pop star currently at the pop of the pop charts. "please, please, please espresso." tomorrow it's dropping a full collaboration. it's sabrina teaming up with van leeuwen ice cream, the special espresso-flavored pint, thank you g-money for bringing in the goods this morning. and try a scoop, guys. >> we will. >> great espresso ice cream for

8:24 am

a good cause. 50% of the profits are going to the nonprofit organization, doing great work. protecting lgbtq plus youth. so god bless the work they're doing. and good for sabrina to use the good fortune and popularity of espresso, the title of her song. what a good collab -- >> oh, my god -- it's delicious! >> oh, my -- >> oh, my -- >> that is good. >> one per person. >> it's delicious!rson. >> it's delicious! >> fudgy, espressoey. how about that? >> that is -- >> and -- >> that's 800 calories. that's why it's good. you know what's important in this stuff? real fat. it's got to have it. >> full fat. >> this is so good. >> i subscribe. that's what they called me in high school. let's get to our top summer blockbuster's, all-time bracket. we kicked things off on monday. were you here? i hope so. 16 massive movies. we had tens of thousands you've vote, thank you so much, at we hope your summer gets more active.

8:25 am

our final four left is steven spielberg's classic, in 1975 "jaws" going up against the original "top gun" and -- "jaws" won? >> yeah. and about that galaxy far away, "star wars" battles back to the future. >> "jaws" won. >> and it was the first summer blockbuster. >> it was just a matter of a hundred votes that celebrated those two from winning. like a million votes. >> i thought it was going to be "jauss"/"star wars. " >> it was so close. >> you get the point, right, hoda? you know what to do. help choose a winner for the greatest summer blockbuster of all time. head to and vote. this is delicious. >> guy, everyone, sparkle. that's what it's called when you do this. the dallas cowboy cheerleaders are here. they're going to perform for us, they're going to share a look at what it is like to hold this

8:26 am

title of america's sweethearts and how hard it is to get there, after a check of your local news and weather and these messages.

8:27 am

8:28 am

8:29 am

the rash on your back, has traveled south to well... let's just call it south. thanks to amazon pharmacy, you've avoided the added discomfort of having to pick up your itchy bum cream... in person. you're so sick, you can't even get up, to throw up. so, you scheduled a virtual visit with amazon one medical. maybe now you can stop looking at your popcorn bowl, like a toilet bowl. ♪♪

8:30 am

8:31 am

♪♪ >> dallas cowboy cheerleaders! we are back with the legend! we've got the ladies! jenna bush hager is here! we're trying to remember -- what was the routine? guys, everybody is here. this is -- i mean, if you don't -- ♪♪ >> these are all rutger.

8:32 am

>> and vick will be back in the third hour of "today" talking about how we can save on our air-conditioning and cooling costs. another concert to tell you about this morning. we are so excited to share that

8:33 am

one republic is taking over our plaza, friday july 19th. there. great day friday, look for severe storms around the western great lakes. on saturday, we are looking at showers and storms returning to the east texas heat, continues, hot and dry out west and in the plains. sunday, sunday, looking for a weekend washout up and down the coast, sunny and mild. great lakes into the western plains, monsoonal moisture continues in the southwest. also on sunday, got a big nascar, nascar nashville event, sunday, 3:30 on nbc. hot, humid, thunderstorms, 92 degrees, heat index of 103. if that doesn't affect the race and the tires and the drivers, nothin

8:34 am

good. thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall today. it's going to be a repeat of yesterday's weather in your microclimate. kind of matching those temperatures with sunshine and a breezy wind. but we are going to enter into a warming trend for the weekend. temperatures in the low 90s in the valleys on sunday. and then look at next week. we are going to see highs over 100 degrees for much of the south bay. the tri valley into the north bay. while in san francisco we'll s >> that's your latest weather. over there at the end of the cheerleader line, much future cheerleaders. >> i'm only 3 and i know i'm a future dallas cowboys cheerleader. >> coming up next, we're getting ready to shake our pom-poms with the dallas cowboys cheerleader showing us what it takes to join this legendary squad. but first, everybody sparkle. this is "tay" on nbc. od

8:35 am

it's time to get away and cash in at cache creek casino resort. to rock and to roll. to go all out or go all in with four stars and rising stars. northern california's premier casino resort is the perfect place to do as much... or as little as you want. make your getaway now and cache in at cache creek casino resort.

8:36 am

8:37 am

♪ that is, who else, the dallas cowboy cheerleaders performing their signature thunderstruck routine. they have been dazzling fans for decades, becoming the most iconic cheer squad in all of sports. >> now their brand-new docuseries, "america's sweethearts" is currently the top-watched netflix show in the united states of america! that's pretty big. the series pulls back the curtain on what it takes to become a dallas cowboys cheerleader, including the extensive audition and training process. take a look. >> we've got girls that are more powerful dancers, girls that look more jazzy, they're more soft, more sultry. everyone can have a place, but it's just a matter if they have that unspoken "it" factor.

8:38 am

>> we're all veterans, and we've but it's almost even harder for all of us, because we know what we have to lose. >> and we're joined now by kelly finglass, director of the dcc, kelsey and reese. you're all legends. kelly, you really are. how long has it been? 34 years -- >> 34 years as the head of this program. >> and we really see that it is no accident that they are the best of the best. what made you want to do a series like this? you've done something about the auditions before, but this goes deeper. >> our past show was more about the audition itself and the tryout and the selection process. this show on netflix actually follows the ladies in their personal lives, their careers, their boyfriends, their fi fiances, and it gets real. it gets real. it gets raw. it made me cry. i saw things that i have never

8:39 am

seen before that have nothing to do with the football field or the performance, and everything to do about their personal lives. >> were there things that surprised you? you lived this with them? >> yes, i've seen kelsey and her fiance and reese and her fiance, and i learned which ones can cook and which ones cannot. >> hey, now. but there are some tough moments for me, too, as a coach. i had to kind of watch myself and learn from myself, as well. i learned some things, too, that i can do better. >> kelsey, y'all have to re-audition year over year, even if you make the squad and you've been on it for years. what is that process like? >> honestly, the only thing that really changes for us as veterans is the familiarity. we know our teammates, we know kelly and judy, we know the judges sitting in front of us, but it helps a little bit to ease your mind, but we treat it the same as we did as rookies sfloo arookies. >> and, coach, you said you found things you would do differently watching.

8:40 am

what would you do differently as a coach? >> i've seen how valuable the feedback is, honest feedback. there was one conversation in one of the episodes where you can tell the cheerleader is shocked at what we're saying, and it's disappointing her and kind of crushing her, and i thought, i could be better at giving them constructive feedback earlier on to be a better coach for them. >> so many of them say, just give me one more chance, one more night. reese, you were a rookie that made it. how has your first year been? and you're done, kelsey. this was your last year? >> yes. >> but you'll have to do it all over again coming up. >> yes, absolutely. we're actually in the process of training camp all over again, so what you kind of saw, we're doing it again. and this past year has been incredible. i've been so blessed to have the best teammates ever and excited for hopefully another season. >> kelly, speaking of feedback. i know you saw these two girls doing their dallas cowboys cheerleading bit for halloween. they need delicate constructive criticism. they tried really hard. they looked great. how do you think they did? >> i thought they did great? all of y'all, your energy is

8:41 am

amazing, i say that genuinely. i thought they did great. they had a fitting, they had a makeup, they learned choreography quickly. >> she came to my apartment and savannah came over to practicing and my husband suddenly came home from work. >> we were traveling with the dcc. >> and y'all worked so hard. >> we really did. >> it didn't show how good we were, but we practiced really, really hard. >> we thought you did great. >> and i have to say, when you watch the series, it's even more iconic that we got to wear the uniform. >> we have those boots, and we take them out with pride! >> you should have worn them! >> i know. we forgot our steps, but thank you so much. we'll get a refresher, and we'll have the performance -- now or after the break? >> right now! >> let's all step out of the way! go get 'em, dcc! ♪

8:42 am

♪ ♪ >> the famous dallas cowboys cheerleader, the famous jump splits. i don't know how they do it. >> are they okay? >> are y'all ready? >> the jump splits. >> we couldn't do a jump split when we were in third grade.>> .

8:43 am

you guys, check it out, it's >> ohhing, /* my god, that was awesome. >> we really couldn't have. you guys, check it out, it's really, really fun, we have so much respect for these incredible dancers and athletes and people much. coming up next, our first. "dallas cowboys cheerleaders" on netflix right now. kelly sin cloud, thank you so much. coming up next, our first ever viewers choice winners for summer must-haves like viral lounge chairs to laze the day away. >> let's go laze. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.

8:44 am

8:45 am

this morning, a special edition of today best sellers, our very first viewers choice list. it's full of amazing summer items that you, our viewers, voted on. our shop editorial team asked you to pick your two summer essential options in five different categories. thousands of people voted and

8:46 am

the results are in. shop "today" editorial director adrianna brock is here today to show off the winners. and you can shop using that qr code. these are voted on by the people who shop, the shoppers. >> by the people. you guys voted, thousands of you voted. we tried the products, our editorial staff, and these are top five products you need for summer. >> ready. >> beating out the maxi dress was this two-piece set. and this is actually a practical pick, with a two-piece set, this comes out to about under $30. it's on sale right now. you get multiple outfit options. i think we have some photos of some of our models wearing them, the tank top, the pants. they're so comfy, you could wear it out and about, traveling. mix and match any way you want. it comes up to size 3x and some of these colors are on sale right now. >> if you felt this, you'd buy it. it's as soft as butter. which is really nice and the price is right. how about sunglasses. >> beating out the weekender

8:47 am

tote was sunglasses. >> carson very proud of you right now. >> okay, you guys are actually great shoppers, this is a pack of two sunglasses for under $20. now this '90s inspired rectangle frame is all the rage right now. i always joke, i have a very wide face, so not everything can look cute on these. >> these are yors. >> i like a pair of sunglasses just for a headband sometimes. >> they double as a headband. and you can always throw one in your car, one in your purse and never be without sunglasses. >> viewers like these. i love the pictures of the viewers, too. >> yes, loving! some of our staffers with these! this is an essence mascara. hoda, when was the last time you changed your mascara? >> never! i don't remember! >> according to the fda, you should be switching it out every three months. so every 90 days. exactly! this is the perfect excuse, okay? >> okay! >> get one of these. this is essence mascara. over 68,000 reviews.

8:48 am

this is a shop "today" reader and editor favorite. i was not shocked when this one won. it's 5:00, it's waterproof, and this is what's going to give you volume. we have before and afters of people who tried it out. in the summer, you don't want to wear a to be of makeup, this is your one and done all you need to do. >> $4.99 is unbelievable. >> make your eyes pop. >> you say there's one challenger and we're not going to need ood one. >> the viewers love this charge. this is the ultimate road trip essential, it's a four in one challenger. . plug it into your car, a usb-a, and a usb-c and retractable cords for a lightning for your apple devices and a usb-c, which is pretty universal for every other device you have out there. the cord is up to 3 feet long, so it can reach the backseat for the kids in the pack, passenger on the side. >> the iphone 15, you need that old challenger again. this one. >> yeah, the usb-c! >> one and done for your road

8:49 am

trips. and that's 26 bucks. >> exactly. >> the right lounge chair to take with you to the beach. >> this lounge chair went viral last year and sold out so many times. >> why? >> because it has a built-in pillow, and it also makes it so you can put your head down, so you can flip over. it also has these really cool -- yes! so you know what you could do? you could have your phone under there. >> it has armholes to put your arms -- >> yes, it's genius! >> this is brilliant! look at how it folds up so easy. and it's so light. >> this is great. >> comes in a bunch of colors and on sale right now, too. >> by the way, this is a genius idea! and you can use it as a pillow. brilliant! so these are the winners. a big thank you to our viewers for voting, and of course, to our good friend, adrianna. to purchase any of these items, scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen, or head to this will get sold out in no time. let's send it over to carson.

8:50 am

>> i've been looking forward to this all week long. our friend, chef erin french is here, her husband, michael, is here, too, manning the grill. here, too, manning the grill. we'll learn a little bit about on medicare? have diabetes? with the freestyle libre 3 system you'll know your glucose and where it's headed no fingersticks needed. covered by medicare for more people managing diabetes with insulin. visit

8:51 am

8:52 am

are here to tell us about it. they will cook for us, and we will start with the fire. let's talk about the barbecue --

8:53 am

this is intimidating for people. different meat, different flavor. >> you are going to get different flavors out of different wood. th to get started, i make this cone process here, and this allows the fire to grab the wood and we fire this up. >> some paper in there, too. >> the classic weber, such a great way to go. you control multiple zones if you need to. >> that's right. and that's a really big, important part of this. there we go. >> are you cooking with the heat, or you cooking with the

8:54 am

smoke or a little bit of both? >> it's a little bit of both. and that depends on what she wants to cook. >> so say we're doing flank steak -- you want a lot of smoke for that? >> if the flavor requires it, the recipe requires it, yes. it becomes a matter of taste. and we learn on the trip that it becomes a kiss, just a smoke gets you going. >> so when do you know it's ready to go for erin and what she's prepared? >> so i like to get a bed of coals, and two zones, one side with wood that's burning and one side that's coals with a lower temperature. >> gives you the ability to put a protein down with high heat and then -- >> and when you shut the restaurant down, you travel on the show, what sort of experiences do you have that you don't already have? seemingly, you've done everything? >> just ingredients. if you're stuck in an area.

8:55 am

you get to have new ingredients, new faces, new people. we had a moment to get out there. >> what do we have here for the flank steak? >> there's a lot of cowboy on the plaza this morning. we have flank steak and make a little marinade for it. we're going to season it overnight. some honey in the bowl, there's a bit of canola oil here. >> what kind of oil? >> canola, really kind of mild. and some soy sauce for that saltiness. and ginger and all sorts of other goodies like the garlic here. if you want to keep throwing it in, carson, there is some chili powder and cumin. we whisk it all up, and this is all the flavor that's going to sit overnight on this. we just tuck it on top of the flank steak. >> you like a little time with this. let it marinate overnight if you can. >> do it the day before, let it sit overnight. when it's ready to go, throw it in the fridge. >> in the meantime, we're making a little bit of creme. this is a pit of creme fraiche sour cream, some avocado, a little bit of lime juice. >> i saw you picked your first avocado. >> yes, i did. >> how is it that you've never picked an avocado? >> i'm from maine. >> where was that? >> california, of course. so some fresh avocado, a little

8:56 am

bit of garlic, salt, a little bit of pepper, and this will make a little bit of glue so we can stick everything to our tostada. pack it on here. >> when i make my flank steak, i get the grill to like 600, as hot as humanly possible, so you can get the sear like on this one. is that the right thing to do? >> yeah. >> high heat quick. >> like you said -- >> so i do all the prep work and michael does the grilling. i send it off to him. >> this is beautiful right here. we only have less than a minute. how's the toe tostada? >> you'll see. the thing is, you only want to serve messy, delicious food to your best friends. >> slice that flank against the grain. >> you want it nice and thin. >> what do you have? onion?

8:57 am

cheese, we'll sprinkle on. qotilla and a little bit of steak that's perfectly cooked, thank you, sir, that you'll pop on top, and i like to put a little bit of asked, a little good morning. it is 856 on marcus washington. well, we are following breaking news out of oakland, where a fire ripped through a warehouse overnight. that warehouse belongs to a roofing supply company. the fire sparked around 1015 last night. this is on the fire outside of the warehouse on wood and 24th street. but quickly grew to a three alarm fire. fire crews had to contain that fire to the main building, keeping it from reaching the yard. happening now. an oakland firefighter, he is dead. this is authorities saying that he drowned early this morning while in southern california on vacation. now we have some video of that scene. this is near crystal pier, south

8:58 am

of la jolla. we're not reporting the victim'same just yet, but n

8:59 am

9:00 am

♪ this morning on th

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