The Fast Castle Boom Build Order (27+2) (2024)

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February 9, 2024

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The Fast Castle Boom Build Order (27+2) (1)

Before we diving in, let’s clarify one thing – the “27+2” in the Fast Castle Boom strategy refers to the number of villagers you should have before advancing to the Feudal Age (27) and then to the Castle Age (after adding 2 more villagers in Feudal). It’s all about timing and efficiency. The goal? To hit Castle Age with a solid economy and the resources to expand on the map.

Guide Contents

FC Boom Build

PhasePopulationActionResource AllocationTechnology/Upgrade
Dark Age6/106 on sheepFood: 6
Dark Age10/104 on woodWood: 4
Dark Age11/10Lure boarFood: 7 (boar)
Dark Age16/105 on berriesFood: 12 (berries)
Dark Age18/10+2 on boar, + farmsFood: 14, Wood: 4
Dark Age21/109 on wood [2nd Lumber Camp]Wood: 9
Dark Age24/103 on goldGold: 3Loom
TransitionAdvancing to FeudalFeudal Age
Feudal Age8 farms, Build market + blacksmithWood: 9, Food: 14, Gold: 3
Feudal Age+2 on woodWood: 11Double-bit axe, Horse collar
TransitionAdvancing to CastleCastle Age
Castle AgeBuild 2 TCs, get bow sawBow Saw
Castle Age~18 farms, Wheelbarrow, build 4th TC, + farmsWheelbarrow

Grade your performance based on these benchmarks

27 pop Feudal10:0510:1510:3010:5011:1511:50
27+2 pop Castle13:1013:2513:4014:0014:3015:05
60 villagers + eco upgrades21:3022:0022:3023:0023:4024:30

Step 1: The Foundation

  • Start Strong: Focus on your standard opening moves. Balance your economy to support a smooth transition through the Ages. Initially, prioritize food and wood, ensuring you can advance without hiccups.
  • Advance to Feudal: With 27 villagers under your belt, it’s time to hit the Feudal Age. But don’t stop there; add two more villagers while in Feudal.

Step 2: Hitting Castle

  • Castle Age: Once you’ve advanced, the real fun begins. Immediately place two extra Town Centers (TCs) – one ideally near wood and another near stone or gold. This is your power play for a booming economy. The sooner you build 30 farms the faster you get to Imperial Age.

Step 3: Economy Management

  • Resource Allocation: In the Castle Age, prioritize wood. You’ll need it not just for building but for creating farms around your TCs.
  • Keep the Villagers Coming: The key to a successful boom is non-stop villager production from all three TCs. Keep ’em coming, and you’ll see your economy skyrocket.
  • Strategic Farming: As soon as you have 60 wood (40 wood Teutons), build farms. These are your bread and butter (literally) for sustaining villager production and military expansion.
  • Flexibility with Gold: Keep a close eye on your gold miners. This flexibility allows you to adapt, buying food or stone as needed, ensuring your boom doesn’t hit a roadblock.

Step 4: Beyond the Boom

  • Expand and Conquer: With a booming economy, you’re in a prime position to take control. Whether it’s military might or additional TCs for even more economic dominance, the choice is yours.
  • Adaptation is Key: Remember, while the 27+2 FC Boom is killer on closed maps, don’t be afraid to adapt it for open maps. The principles of economic management and expansion are universal.


  • Q: What if I’m pressured early on?
  • A: You should delay your castle only if the pressure is hardcore. Get your economy upgrades (Double-bit axe, Horse collar) and send 3 villagers to mine stone then defend with towers and (archery units if need) while you farm harder. 2 or 5 minutes later, you should be able to click up to castle age with a good economy
  • Q: How many villagers should I aim for in my boom before making military units?
  • A: You have the market so you should be able to find out if your allies need you sooner or later, based on that, you should aim for around 80 to 100 villagers. Sometimes you may even need to delay the third Town center to build a siege workshop to assist your ally.

Wrapping It Up

Ready to take your AoE2 skills to the next level? Keep practicing, stay flexible, and remember – every game is an opportunity to learn and improve. Happy booming!


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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The Fast Castle Boom Build Order (27+2) (2024)


How to get to Castle Age quickly? ›

In this challenge, you will be able to build a Market and a Blacksmith. These two buildings are the cheapest and therefore the fastest way to advance to the Castle Age. Skipping the Loom research is risky, but will allow you to advance to the next ages more quickly and speed your pursuit of a gold medal.

What is build order aoe2? ›

A build order is a linear pattern of actions which includes the management of production and research meant to achieve a specific goal within an acceptable period of time while expending as few resources as possible to do so.

What's a good fast castle time? ›

The Fast Castle strategy aims to get your civilization to the Castle Age in less than 17 minutes. Along with the powerful upgrades and buildings you receive in this age, you should have plenty of resources at your disposal to begin creating military units or to continue booming your economy.

What is the highest level in Castle Age? ›

Conquest Level
  • Your maximum possible number of tokens increases.
  • The time needed to regenerate (i.e., acquire) additional tokens decreases.
  • Level 100 is currently the maximum level.

What does fu mean in aoe2? ›

FU means the unit can be “fully upgraded” (ie. all non-unique upgrades are available to the civilization).

What is aoe2 coded in? ›

Age of Empires developer confirms the game is mostly written in low-level Assembly code because 'we could scroll the screen and fill it with sprites as fast or faster' than competitors like Starcraft 'even though we had twice as many pixels'

What does CBA mean in aoe2? ›

Castle Blood Automatic, usually abbreviated CBA, is a popular fan-made scenario and game mode in Age of Empires II. It focuses on military; economy plays no role in the game whatsoever.

How do you get to Castle Wars fast? ›

Castle Wars is found in the south-west corner of Kandarin and may be accessed via a number of ways: Using a Ring of duelling to teleport directly to the Castle Wars entrance. Travelling west from Yanille or Gu'Tanoth.

How long does it take to research Castle Age? ›

Research Time
Castle Age160
Imperial Age190
116 more rows
Nov 8, 1999


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