Slime Rancher slimes and where to find them (2024)

Slime Rancher is a quirky little game. It’s kind of an adventure game, has elements of an FPS, but at the same time, its most prevailing genre is simulation. You, as Beatrix LeBeau, move to the Far Far Range to become a slime rancher, living a life surrounded by slimes and working out how to raise and breed them.

These slimes, therefore, are key to the game. But not all Slime Rancher slimes are created equal. There are actually lots of different slimes with different characteristics. Some have a favourite food, some want to kill you. Just a couple of standard characteristics one would expect in any sentient lifeform.

So, read on to find about about these slimes and what makes them tick. If you love a more realistic time in a video game, we’ve got a list of the best Switch simulation games that might tickle ya fancy. Or if you like enslaving creatures then our Pokémon Legends: Arceus best Pokémon guide might be a better fancy-tickler.

Every Slime Rancher slime

Here you have it, all the Slime Rancher slimes divided into categories – basically how likely it is that they’ll kill you. For all of them, there’s the risk that they could be feral, and therefore hurt you. Anyway, there’s a lot of them, so here we go (tag yourself I’m Party Gordo).

Before we start, here are some overarching categories of slime:

Largo slimes

These slimes are only produced when a slime eats a plort that’s not of their type. Once a slime becomes a largo slime, it can’t go back. They have the same diet, plort, favourite toy, and favourite food as the slime they were originally.

Feral slimes

These slimes are largo slimes that will attack you on sight. They have the same diet, plort, favourite toy, and favourite food as their original slime type. Give it some food and it will revert to a normal largo.

Tarr slimes

These slimes are largo slimes that have eaten a plort not of their type. This makes it a super hostile slime that eats other slimes and reproduces as it goes. It can lead to a mass outbreak of the tarr which can be very dangerous. You can get rid of them with water.

Gordo slimes

When lots of the same type of slime come together, you get a gordo. Feed it until it bursts and it separates again, and also reveals an item you may need. They’re stationary and do not produce plorts.

Slime Rancher slimes and where to find them (1)

Harmless slimes

None of these gelatinous guys will harm you.

Pink slime

You’re gonna see the pink one everywhere, and it’s the first slime you come across. They’re ‘cheerful, docile, and the easiest of all the slimes to ranch.’

  • Diet: everything
  • Favourite toy: beach ball
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: none, other than largo
  • Where: pretty much anywhere

Tabby slime

Hey, look, it’s a cat, but slime! These ones are super common too, and one of the four cat slimes. They have ‘perky ears, striped backs, and swaying tails’ and are “made entirely of gooeyslime’. Nice.

  • Diet: meat
  • Favourite toy: yarn ball
  • Favourite food: stony hen
  • Risks: they’re little thieves which can lead to unwanted largos
  • Where: lots of places, mainly the Dry Reef

Phosphor slime

These slimes are the ‘softly glowing heralds of starlight’ and they’re here to play. They only come out at night, ‘flying about the moonlit range upon their translucent wings.’ Almost makes you forget about the slime bit.

  • Diet: fruit
  • Favourite toy: night light
  • Favourite food: cueberry
  • Risks: they and their plorts disappear if caught in the sunlight
  • Where: most places, especially Dry Reef

Honey slime

The slime that reminds us why we need to save the bees. They’re made from ‘a hyper-sweet slime compound’ (obviously) and apparently ‘their plorts taste great on cereal.’ Yum.

  • Diet: fruit
  • Favourite toy: buzzy bee
  • Favourite food: mint mango
  • Risks: their plorts are so sweet-smelling, they attract other slimes
  • Where:the Moss Blanket

Puddle slime

A slime more suited for an experienced rancher, and not one that’s ‘still wet behind the ears’, these wet ones are a rare species and don’t consume anything other than water.

  • Diet: water
  • Favourite toy: rubber ducky
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: need to be kept in a pond away from other slimes (they’re shy)
  • Where: the Moss Blanket, Indigo Quarry

Hunter slime

Another cat slime, this one is a mean version of the tabby. It has ‘a natural cloaking ability’ making it hard to spot.

  • Diet: meat
  • Favourite toy: stuffed chicken
  • Favourite food: roostro
  • Risks: any new largo formed from its plorts is feral
  • Where: the Moss Blanket, the Glass Desert

Quantum slime

A magical, teleporting slime, created by ‘some sort of event that took place in the Ancient Ruins long ago.’

  • Diet: fruit
  • Favourite toy: puzzle cube
  • Favourite food: phase lemon
  • Risks: they can teleport, so distract them with food
  • Where: the Ancient Ruins

Dervish slime

A ‘swirling, whirling bundle of energy’, these are most common in the Glass desert and move very quickly.

  • Diet: fruit
  • Favourite toy: gyro top
  • Favourite food: prickle pear
  • Risks: they can cause cyclones and therefore chaos
  • Where: The Glass Desert

Tangle slime

Innocent looking, but actually very dangerous, the tangle slime needs to be well-fed at all times.

  • Diet: meat
  • Favourite toy: sol mate
  • Favourite food: painted hen
  • Risks: can make other slimes sneeze, so be sure to feed them
  • Where: The Glass Desert

Saber slime

Only ever encountered as a largo slime, they’re very dangerous, as most that you find are feral.

  • Diet: meat
  • Favourite toy: stego buddy
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: agile and ready to bite, take care when catching
  • Where: the Wilds

Slime Rancher slimes and where to find them (2)

Dangerous slimes

All these slimes can harm you in some way, feral or not.

Rock slime

These slimes can hurt you with their spiky heads. And they have the same favourite toy as me!

  • Diet: veggies
  • Favourite toy: big rock
  • Favourite food: heart beet
  • Risks: their rocky crown can hurt you
  • Where: most places, especially the Dry Reef

Rad slime

These slimes glow in the dark due to some radioactive aura. Yum.

  • Diet: veggies
  • Favourite toy: power cell
  • Favourite food: oca oca
  • Risks: can inflict rad poisoning if you spend too much time around them
  • Where: the Indigo Quarry

Boom slime

These slimes are ‘constantly building toward an inevitable explosion’. Have fun!

  • Diet: meat
  • Favourite toy: bomb ball
  • Favourite food: briar hen
  • Risks: they‘re ready to blow at any minute
  • Where:the Indigo Quarry

Crystal slime

These slimes create spikes in the ground that can hurt you.

  • Diet: veggies
  • Favourite toy: crystal ball
  • Favourite food: odd onion
  • Risks: same as the rock slime, but now with an AoE attack
  • Where:the Indigo Quarry

Fire slime

You have to keep the fire slime in an ash trough or incinerator, so they’re quite the handful.

  • Diet: ash
  • Favourite toy: charcoal brick
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: they’re on fire
  • Where: The Glass Desert

Mosaic slime

A glittering slime, it’s beautiful and dangerous. And has the same favourite food as me!

  • Diet: veggies
  • Favourite toy: disco ball
  • Favourite food: silver parsnip
  • Risks: they draw other slimes to them with their shimmer, and can cause fires when agitated
  • Where:The Glass Desert

Slime Rancher slimes and where to find them (3)

Special slimes

The rarest slimes (some are even impossible to catch, apparently…)

Quicksilver slime

Incredibly rare slimes these, only inhabiting the Mochi Miles. They’re quick, eat electricity, and don’t have a favourite toy. Proper strange ones.

  • Diet: electricity
  • Favourite toy: none
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: harmful out in the wild
  • Where: Mochi Miles’ farm

Glitch slime

These slimes are completely digital, so they’re hard to catch.

  • Diet: none
  • Favourite toy: none
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: very hard to wrangle due to their shapeshifting
  • Where: Viktor’s Slimeulation

Gold slime

A rare slime that produces the most valuable plorts.

  • Diet: gilded ginger only
  • Favourite toy: none
  • Favourite food: gilded ginger
  • Risks: can only produce plorts when hit with spare resources from your vac
  • Where: the Feral Vaults, randomly anywhere on the map

Lucky slime

Another type of cat slime, they love shiny things. They gobble up nubuck coins they find and jingle as they move. They also run away from you on sight

  • Diet: meat
  • Favourite toy: none
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: seeing one could be considered ‘the universe testing your greed’
  • Where:very rarely, at specific points on the map

Party Gordo

This slime is ‘a mysterious gordo slime’ that only shows up on the weekend. Find Party Gordo and pop it for some unique prizes.

  • Diet: everything
  • Favourite toy: none
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: none, it’s party time
  • Where:different place every weekend

Twinkle slime

A rare, legendary slime, the twinkle slime only shows up during Wiggly Wonderland events. When encountered, it sings, explodes, and creates a portal to and from the ranch.

  • Diet: none
  • Favourite toy: none
  • Favourite food: none
  • Risks: none
  • Where:anywhereduring the event

So, that’s all the Slime Rancher slimes. You’re now ready to be a master rancher. We’ve got a guide to Pokémon Legends: Arceus shiny Pokémon if you want to transfer your ranching skills to animal warfare.

Slime Rancher slimes and where to find them (2024)


How to find glitch slimes in Slime Rancher? ›

-Glitch slimes sometimes disguise as objects. Know your world VERY well! If you see an object that TOTALLY doesn't belong where it is (See: Random object where tabby gordo should be), splash it with bug spray to get a huge bounty of glitch slimes.

What is the ideal amount of slimes in Slime Rancher? ›

Ranching tips

Keep a maximum of 5-10 Slimes in a Corral or if more are desired to be added, invest in a High Walls upgrade.

Where are the best slimes in Slime Rancher? ›

Mosaic Slime's Plorts are, along with Tangle Slimes, the most profitable (outside the elusive Gold Slime's Plorts). They can be quite easily ranched, once they've been found. They spawn in the Glass Desert once some Oases have been restored, and feed on veggies - specifically the Silver Parsnips.

What is the rarest slime in slime rancher? ›

1 Gold Slime

Gold Slimes are the rarest of slimes, with the richest of plorts. (Obviously, since they're called Gold Plorts, they are expensive.) If you come across a Gold Slime, it is unlikely that you will be able to vacuum it up and take it to your ranch.

How to find saber slimes? ›

They are be found only in The Wilds, and will not be found anywhere else. Most saber slime largos found in The Wilds are feral, so be careful around them. Saber Slimes can make Saber Slime Mud Balls filled with 5 kookadoba fruits, also found only in The Wilds. But to find a "fresh saber slime" you have to get a mod.

Is there a cheat menu in slime rancher? ›

Press B to open the Cheat Menu while in-game.

Do batty slimes need to be in the dark? ›

Batty slimes grow hungry in the dark, leading them to generate Hunger at twice the rate of other slimes unless exposed to sunlight. While they can survive in sunlight, they'll get more agitated the longer they're exposed to it.

How long does it take to 100% Slime Rancher? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Slime Rancher is about 14½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 39½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the best height to find slimes? ›

In swamps and mangrove swamps, slimes may spawn between the heights of 51 and 69 (inclusive) when the provided light level is 7 or less. They spawn most often on a full moon, and never on a new moon.

What is the #1 slime stage in Slime Rancher? ›

The Slime Stage, referred to in-game as #1 Slime Stage, is a Utility crafted at the fabricator under The Conservatory. Any slime or Tarr placed on it will continually spin in place, unable to move, and nearby slimes will be visibly in awe of it.

How rare are hunter slimes? ›

Pure hunter slimes are very rare, but there is one spot in the moss blanket where 1 always spawns. You could also go to the area of the moss blanket where a bunch of feral honey/hunter slimes spawn, feed them, take the hunter plorts, and make gordos.

Do hunter slimes need darkness? ›

But Hunter slimes aren't sensitive to light. They are like any other slime, they can be in day light and be fine.

How to unlock more slimes in Slime Rancher? ›

The key to finding all of the slimes is simply continuing to explore new areas. There are two additional islands which you will unlock through play. The beginner island, where your ranch and conservatory is, is called Rainbow Fields.

Can you put different slimes together in slime rancher? ›

Different slimes produce different Plorts which have varying values, but you don't have to sacrifice all your space to each type of slime. You can instead combine them into Largo slimes that are able to produce multiple types of Plorts at once.

Where is the most common place to find hunter slimes in slime rancher? ›

Tips. To find the Hunter Slime, it is recommended to find them within Mushroom Lake of The Moss Blanket or in the specific oasis in The Glass Desert.


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