Mississippi Arrest Records: Search Criminal Records & Mugshots (2024)

How to Look Up Criminal Records in Mississippi

The state law enforcement agency is the entity in charge of criminal records requests including arrest records using the AFIS system. If you'd like to do a background check on someone, youcan request a copy for someone’s records in three ways. First, they can call them; they can fax in the request or email it to afis@dps.ms.gov. The state only process record requests by fingerprints. They have a consent form on their website if someone need to get a copy of someone else’s arrest record.

Are Arrest Records Public Records in MS?

Yes, but they use the AFIS system to process them. So, if a person wants to get a copy of someone’s, they will need a copy of their fingerprints. Individuals can schedule an appointment to have their fingerprints taken if they want to get a copy of their own record. People can contact the MS’s state law enforcement for further information on how to obtain arrest records.

What Information Does Mississippi Arrest Records Report Include?

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Along with general information like name, address, phone, race, gender, height, weight, physical description, tattoos, scars, fingerprints and Mississippi mugshots. A typical Mississippi arrest record will also contain details about someone’s arrests, charges, convictions, incarcerations, court appearances, bail, bond, fines, and fees paid. There will also be information about the date of arrest, arresting officer’s name, place of arrest, arresting agency, booking details, and vehicle information if any are related to the charges.

Mississippi Police Reports and Mugshots

Are Mississippi Police Reports Public Record?

Mississippi police reports are public records, but each county controls how much information they allow you to have. For example, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office will supply you with a police report upon request (for $10), but you must have some connection to the event, either be a witness, victim, or perpetrator of the crime. Other counties may offer up this information more freely.

The Jackson County lists news reports of all incidents, police calls, and crimes within the area. The details listed include:

  • The names and ages of the people involved.
  • The charges filed if any.
  • The location of the event.
  • The date and time of the incident.
  • A brief description of the police call.
  • The results: was the person arrested, taken to the hospital, etc.
  • Mug shots if they are available from the arrest.
  • The detainment center, prison, or jail they were sent to.
  • The bail or bond amount set.

Additionally, the Mississippi Department of Safety offers copies of crash reports via a search portal online.

Mississippi Mugshots

In Mississippi, mugshots are very easy to come by. They are freely posted on local police, Sheriffs and county websites in the news section for crimes committed in the area. The county lockups post them on inmate locator websites as well. The perpetrators wear yellow jumpsuits and are photographed against a gray brick wall. Other media sources, news outfits, and even private websites that offer up public records may also display them online.

The practice of using mugshots began back in the late 1800s when French police officer Alphonse Bertillon started using them in his precinct. After that, every country in the world started using them as part of the booking process. Mugshots are made up of two angles (a front shot and a profile shot) next to each other. Investigators use them to find criminals, witnesses, and victims use them to identify potential suspects.

Mississippi Arrest Booking Process

The booking process after an arrest in Mississippi is similar to other states. The police will take you into custody and deliver you to a local county jail or detention center where the following may occur.

  • Extensive paperwork needs to be filled out by police, so they will question you to get your name, date of birth, and other information.
  • They will search you and inventory and secure all your personal belongings. These will be impounded and held for you until you are released.
  • You will be placed in a holding cell until you can see the judge or magistrate. Suspects have the right to see a judge within 48-hours (except on weekends and holidays).
  • Your mugshot will be taken.
  • You will be fingerprinted.
  • You may be subject to a health screening or full body search.
  • Police may request a DNA sample in some cases.
  • You will be given a hearing, and then if bail/bond is set, you can pay it and be released.

Most of the time, the booking process will take a few hours to complete.

Violent Crime Rates for the last 10 years

The crime rate has decreased over the past decade in Mississippi, going from 5,059 crimes in 2006 to 1,609 by 9% lower than it was back in 2006. The largest percentage of violent crimes falls into the Aggravated Assault category, with Revised Rape being the least popular crime in the state.

Mississippi Violent Crime Rate Change

Arrest Law

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Any law officer may arrest someone with a valid arrest warrant. A law enforcement agent may also arrest someone for committing an illegal offense in his or her presence. If a felony is committed not in his or her presence, they can arrest someone if they have probable cause to believe they did it. They can also arrest someone for a misdemeanor of domestic violence within 24 hours of the act. If the officer knows that a person committed a misdemeanor, then they can even arrest them without a warrant.

Who has a Power of Arrest in Mississippi?

Any law enforcement officer can arrest someone in MS. According to MS law that is “any person appointed or employed full time by the state or any political subdivision thereof, who is duly sworn and vested with authority to bear arms and make arrests, and whose primary responsibility is the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of criminals and the enforcement of the criminal and traffic laws of this state and/or the ordinances of any political subdivision thereof. ”

How Long Will an Arrest Report Stay on your Mississippi State Records?

Mississippi arrest records will stay on a criminal report forever if the person does not apply to have them expunged. Arrests that never resulted in charges or there were charges, but they were dropped, or the person was found not guilty can be expunged. Some misdemeanors and a few felonies can also be expunged. However, the offender must wait specific periods before applying, and some serious felonies can never be removed from their record. With felonies, the waiting period is five years before petitioning for expungement.

Can you Expunge your Records?

Yes, but only specific felonies and most misdemeanors can be expunged. Arrest records that did not result in charges or where the charges were dropped, or the person was found not guilty can be expunged pretty easily. They also have to comply with some other regulations though.

The Arrest Rate in Mississippi

Mississippi Arrest Records: Search Criminal Records & Mugshots (3)

In 2017, MS saw 90,107 crimes. Of those, 8,526 were violent crimes against people and the rest 81,581, were property crimes. MS’s crime rate for that year was 30.20 per 1000 residents. The majority (5,119) of violent crimes were assault. Another 2,071 were for robbery, 1,091 were for rape, and 245 were murders.

State Offender and Victim Age Group Statistics

Most of the violent crime offenders in Mississippi were Unknown .

Offender Age

Offenders w/ reported age772

Mississippi Arrest Records by Type of Crime

The popular arrests for 2017 in Mississippi was for All Other Offenses (except traffic) - 28,530, the same popularity of the arrest type was seen in Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona. The least popularity had Suspicion arrests - with only 38 crimes a year.

Arrest TypeUnder 18All agesTotal arrests
Violent Crime1381,4921,630
Property Crime8368,6779,513
Murder & Non-negligent Manslaughter5109114

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Mississippi Arrest Records: Search Criminal Records & Mugshots (2024)


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